From Osteria to Trattoria

La Trattoria La Fornasetta has a fascinating history, almost like a novel. The structure, around the end of the 18th century, was created as a canteen for the workers of the nearby brick kiln in Milan. We like to imagine the corroborating relief, working in a furnace is hard, that those people found in the room. La Fornasetta represented for them an oasis of peace and a moment of socialization. In Milan La Fornasetta reappears, from the mist of time, around 1963. From this date up to ’78 it was a classic Milanese inn. At the time when, and we are in ’79, it was taken over by the spouses Bersan Zeno and Gobbi Germana it became a trattoria. The new owners made many changes to the restaurant and the vocation of the restaurant, the system of the fixed menu was in fact designed by them. System still used by new managers, friends Giuseppe, Rocco and Nicola who, from October 20, 2008, keep the tradition of the Trattoria La Fornasetta alive. The new managers, in keeping with tradition, maintain the vocation of the trattoria unaltered. A tradition made of good food and human warmth. A cozy place for parties and evenings with friends. A place where, always, laughter is sincere and the handshakes are steady.