Friends Giuseppe, Rocco and Nicola observed the management of the historic and typical Trattoria La Fornasetta on October 20, 2008. Their personal and professional history in the field of catering is however over a decade. Based on experience, and kidnapped by the simple and austere beauty of the place, they decided to know the management of the Trattoria La Fornasetta.
If the architecture and the environment are those characteristics of a trattoria, already a tavern, of Milan, with colors, furnishings and rustic settings, the menu is varied and presents a single limit: creativity and the desire to experiment with chefs.
Anyone who thinks that cooking is just a simple matter of ingredients says a lot, but does not say everything. No less important is the business card of the place. The image that will remain impressed. In the “Trattoria La Fornasetta” you can attend a unique combination of tradition and novelty. Exposed beams and wooden barrels frame the room. All this, and without being out of tune, can only be possible thanks to the competence, creativity and passion of Giuseppe, Rocco and Nicola.
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